• Operation and maintenance services.
  • Fiber optic projects
  • Telecom hardware installation
  • Turnkey projects.
  • Integrated buildings work.
  • General public works water & heat.
  • Green energy cost effective solutions
  • Core network installation

& maintenance.

  • Project management.

Strategic solutions

Rapid Communication Limited offers strategic solution to operators with an aim of improving the operation efficiency as well as introduce new products in the Market.

Such solutions include:

  • Remote site monitoring solution
  • Work force management solution
  • Access equipment products.
  • Base station Power solutions.

Remote site monitoring solution through strategic partnerships we have designed a solution for operators that enable them reduced operation expense by improving the efficiency with which base-station sites are managed on a daily basis. It is an end to end solution that provides remote data to users on a real time basis as well as enable remote control of equipment when necessary.

The solution has the following features and benefits

  • Enable remote monitoring

and control of grid power, air

conditioner, loads etc.

  • Monitoring power elements such as

Power quality,frequency,harmonics


  • Energy savings through intelligent

switching between grid,battery,solar

and generator.

  • Automated remote data collection

of energy

  • Information from grid, generator,

solar, etc

  • Automated data collection to

Reconcile Fuel bills claims

  • Alarms (direct & threshold)

and faults notifications

  • Automated Remote data

collection of Energy Information

from grid,Generator,Solar, etc

  • Automated data collection to

Reconcile Fuel bills claims

  • Alarms (Direct & Threshold) an Faults


  • Preventive Maintenance & B Checks
  • Monitor Shelter Environmental


  • Site Asset Management through

online reconciliation

  • Security and access control


Work force management solution

This is a solution designed for organizations that carry out any form of maintenance at numerous location. The currently available solution is for mobile operators who have technicians maintaining their distributed base stations which can be ustomized for specific requirement.



Technicians maintaining and or tracking the usage of your equipment at various organization can send all the gathered information to our servers from where you can log in remotely and monitor all the data from all technicians, hence you can pro-actively do the billing, do spares inventory, schedule maintenance for each equipment.