Marketing and Branding

Rapid Communications has core competencies in:

  1. Offering a high-quality, digital marketing solutions that supports your brand placement
  2. Use of our strong digital solutions to help your customers interact with your product and service
  3. Use of our digital solutions to increase your exposure to the right audience

Our Offerings

  1. Communication Management
  2. Event Management
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Bulk SMS Service
  5. Bulk Email

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

  • Consumers have access to information, anytime, any place they want
  • Consumers are now exposed to not just what your company says about your brand, but also what the media, friends, competitors and peers are saying about your brand – and are more likely to believe them
  • People want to associate with products tailored to their needs and communication that is personalized and relevant.

What We Do:

  • Social Media Audits to find out how your online presence ranks compared to others in the industry.
  • Social Media Planning to develop a strategy for effective social media outreach.
  • Social Media Campaign Management to outsource your Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts to free up your time.
  • Blog Development to develop and refine your blog for search engine optimization and brand awareness.

Bulk Email Service

This is a software used to send emails in large quantities to targeted customers or email subscribers


Rapidcom Offering

  • Creation of well designed and customised E-newsletters and E-shots to reflect your corporate identity
  • Chance to individualize your newsletter to each subscriber with personal message
  • Share the newsletter with your social media audience
  • Access to a ready audience from our email database
  • Use of reporting tools to track opens, clicks, bounces and reads – to monitor subscriber engagements