Mobile Commerce is the ability to conductcommerce using a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, a tablet, a smartphone, and other emerging mobile equipment. It is the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via wireless technology.

The range of devices that are enabled for mobile commerce is growing, having expanded in recent years to include smart phones,tablet and computers. The increasing adoption of electronic commerce provided a strong foundation for mobile application, which is on a very strong growth trajectory for years to come. The rapid growth of mobile application is being driven by a number of positive factors – the demand for applications from an increasingly mobile customer and consumer base; the rapid adoption of online commerce thanks to the resolution of security issues; and technological advances that have given wireless hand held devices advanced capabilities and substantial computing power. Our Mobile applications are SMS/USSD and App based and also support smart applications from any company. Solutions developed and maintained by Rapid Communications Ltd through our Mobile Applications services include:

Virtual Savings

Virtual savings allows subscribers to open virtual accounts and save money via Mobile Money. This is convenient for subscribers who are too busy to operate bank accounts. It is also a cheap way of saving money compared to other forms banking. The holding account is an Account with the respective Bank partner that holds the subscribers funds. Virtual savings helps subscribers avoid long queues in banks by depositing money into their accounts using mobile money compared to physically visiting a bank. Subscribers can also transfer money from their accounts into their mobile wallets and withdraw from an agent outlet. With virtual savings, one can do any banking transaction from wherever they are. This also includes getting loans against their savings where repayment is determined by the partnering bank’s interest rates.

Rapid Pay

Rapid Pay™ is Rapid Communication Limited’s premier Mobile Financial Services’ platform. It fits hand in glove with a financial institution’s mobile products and services The following are the products and services that can be offered under our

Rapid Pay platform;

  1. Mobile Remittance
  2. Mobile Banking
  3. Merchant Payment
  4. Bill Payment
  5. Cash to Mobile
  6. Cash to Bank

Key benefits that can be derived by the consumers of the Rapid Pay platform are convenience and ease of use as the service works through a basic mobile phone and its ability to allow the user to carry out banking services at the comfort of their home or place of business.

KUSCCO Partnership

Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co- Operatives, KUSCCO , is an umbrella body for SACCOS in the country. With a membership base of 8 million members, its core mandate is to tailor products and services that benefits all the SACCOs and their members in Kenya. Rapid Communications in partnership with KUSCCO, will provide its flagship Rapid Pay Mobile Financial Services solution that will enable KUSCCO offer mobile banking, virtual savings , virtual loans and bill payments all from the convenience of their homes. These services can be accessed from a simply mobile phone. Rapid Pay’s ecosystem will enable the KUSCCO members access other Stima Bora and Maisha Mos Mos loan products that Rapid Communications is offering in partnership with Kenya Power , Star Times and Jamii Bora Bank.