Ersal( Al Guhair) in the UAE and Aftab Currency Exchange in Europe have launched a remittance solution powered by Rapid Communications to enable people in the Diaspora send money to their loved ones in their currency. Money is no longer collected by middle men on behalf of their relatives but goes directly into the beneficiaries mobile wallet just minutes after the sender has done the transaction. Al Guhair, which is spread across  the entire middle east , runs a Remittance Agency know as Ersal. They recently launched their Mobile Money remittance in Kenya, powered by Rapid Communications, known as M-Hela mobile remittance service Aftab Currency Exchange has a presence in Europe with over 4000 outlets. Al Guhair on the other hand has 20 outlets in the UAE.

Rapid Communications has partnered with Aftab Currency Exchange and Al Guhair to enable mobile money transfer from the UK, Europe and UAE to Kenya via a service dubbed M-Hela mobile remittance service. Following the success of M-Hela mobile remittance service, Rapid Communications has launched Cash to Account and Online Card to Mobile remittance services across Africa.