Value Added Services

Value Added Services is a telecommunications industry term for non-core-services, or, all services beyond standard voice and fax. The VAS department at Rapid Communications provides content and third party solutions to non-telecoms businesses and mobile operators in Africa and the Middle East. Some of the concepts, products and services provided include:

  1. Messaging Solutions – Integrated messaging platform, SMS Suite, MMSSuite, USSD
  2. Electronic Voucher Management System
  3. Customer Value Management –Loyalty & Churn management, Selfcare, Campaign management
  4. Social Networking on SMS and USSD – Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo,Gmail, Google Search and GoogleTranslate
  5. Mobile Lifestyle – Infotainment, Call compilation suite
  6. Voice Based Services – CRBT, Music on Demand, OBD, Get your song
  7. Data Services – Vooka.

Integrated Messaging Platform

Rapid Communication’s Integrated Messaging Solution enables management of multiple services and channels, and provides a single point of control and management for the operator’s entire messaging infrastructure. Integrated Messaging simplifies management of the complete messaging lifecycle – from service creation and deployment to service management and maintenance.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is generally used to send out mass broadcasts, individual alerts and notifications, and others.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS is generally used as a tool to enable mobile transactions. This allows specific information to be delivered to specific people. SMS requests for information, SMS voting, SMS based transactions are all examples of Premium SMS services. Users will need to send or request this info via SMS to/from Shortcode Voice Based Services


A service that allows the calling party to hear subscriber selected music or audio clips. The service provider shall be offering a short code to which subscribers can dial out to provision the service.

Data Streaming – Vooka

Our Streaming platform offers a video streaming solution. Rapid Communications has partnered with Startimes and other TV channel and content providers to broadcast video/ audio content on a mobile device with browser capabilities. The service is optimized to suit any bandwidth, (2G or 3G) and thus allows a higher user penetration.

IVR Chat

Technology has now made it easy for people to engage and connect especially through mobile phone. Rapid Communications has created a service dubbed LuvZoneTM which is a mobiledating guide that connects compatible partners interested in talking directly with likeminded people in the hope of finding love. The service makes dating fun and comfortable.